Take the Stress Out of Organising Your Party
Now dealing with invitations, replies and controlling costs has never been easier. Instantly calculate invitation and attendance numbers. Organising your seating or table plan is now child's play, changes can be made easily and almost instantly. 

  • No more post-it notes, pieces of paper, struggling with spreadsheets.
  • Fantastic screen and report print outs display and analyse your invitation details, seating plans, costs  and much more.
  • The most fully featured and comprehensive solution to organise, control costs, and track tasks for your event, party or function.
  • Take control of your party and save time, effort and money.

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Main Menu Showing Dashboard statistics

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  • Key party numbers, costs, and statistics are always instantly available from the Main Menu 


  • Party Planner Wizard guides you through the settings
  • Quick Start Guides - easy to follow guides give concise and clear instructions on the main Party Planner features
  • Tutorials to help find your way round Party Planner


  • Track how many invitations have been created and easily record RSVP's
  • Multiple parties on one invite - such a main party and two additional events
  • Record what present was received
  • Track sending thank you letters
  • Store notes, email addresses and other information for your invitations and guests


  • Invite List - full listing and analysis of your invitations and replies
  • Invitations by Invited By - Who invited who - useful for weddings
  • No Reply List - Who has not replied to an invitation
  • Invite List for Printer - Prints and Exports data to give to a commercial printer for customising invitations and name cards, or use mail merge and create your own invitations and name cards
  • Table Plan Index - Alphabetical list of seating plan - for seating plan display board
  • Place Card List - Print and export data to create place cards
  • Thank you Letter list - List details of thank you letters sent


  • Easily move people between tables on your table plan
  • For rectangular and square tables easily manage who sits opposite who
  • Tables can be given themed names - then they can be used in reports and printouts
  • Produce name card lists for the table
  • Create table plan lists, alphabetical list of names for a table plan display boards


  • Track payments to suppliers such as caterers, printers and photographers
  • Track your expenditure against category and supplier budgets
  • Track who contributed to payments - payments can be attributed to the person who made the payment


  • Track tasks and maintain a to do list
  • Due this week report -List items due to be completed this week
  • Overdue tasks report - list tasks that have not been completed by their due date
  • Tasks in Who Will Do it Order - tasks listed by "who will do them"


  • Import data from Excel
  • Backup Your Data -  Party Planner reminds you to take backups, and provides a built in backup and restore function
  • Maintain Special Meal Descriptions
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Easy to Use
  • Party Planner Wizard guides you through the settings

  • Ribbon bar interface with function buttons allows easy navigation

  • Quick Start Guides - easy to follow guides give concise and clear instructions on the main Party Planner features

  • Import your data from Excel - or let us set up your data with our low cost data loading service.

  • Automated backup reminder - prompts you to take backups and guides through the process.

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