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Seating for a Party or Event

Apr 28

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Thursday, April 28, 2011 11:28 AM  RssIcon

Usually you seat males and females alternately around the table but it doesn't always work out that way on all tables.
Always seat very young children with their parents but older children would prefer to sit together.

Try to have ten guests at a round table but obviously long tables with children or teenagers on will have more.
When you make the Table Plan make sure it has the table number on so each guest knows which table they are on rather than walking round the whole room.
Or tables can have a theme name rather than a number as guests may feel table numbers carry a pecking order.

Put elderly guests nearer the front so that they can hear the speeches but not be too near the loudspeakers where the band or disco are playing. It is important that everyone on the table knows at least one person and try to mix people who you think they will get on with.
Just as important try not to put people on the same table who you know don't like each other.

As a general rule children, teenagers, older guests, family, friends and work people can be seated together. Try to put leftover guests scattered over a number of tables rather than on a table together as this may not mix well.
Remember to ask the venue about disabled access and toilets and where to seat anyone with special requirements.
Check with your venue to see if they can accommodate different size tables which may make seating people a little easier.

Place family and close friends as near to the top table as possible.
If you are making a wedding and the groom or brides parents are divorced they may not want to be seated next to each other.  Nowadays some brides choose not to have a top table but just a nice round one instead surrounded by their family and friends in a specific position in the room.

Room layout for a party

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